How to cook a good steak

How to cook a good steak

If you search YouTube, you can find all kinds of secrets, but even experts have slightly different styles. All the know-how of grilling a steak well is all about ensuring that the temperature is transmitted well to the inside. In order to avoid a situation where the outside would burn and the inside would drip, you need to set the optimum temperature and time. This is all because the meat is thick.
You just need to have a few basics.
First, grill the outside (searing),
Second, while pouring butter, heat is transferred to the inside (basing),
Third, take it out and let it cool for an appropriate time (resting).
The key is to make sure the outside is grilled and the inside is cooked. If the fire is too strong, the outer surface will burn, and if the outer surface is burned, the heat will not be properly transferred to the inner side. However, if the fire is too low, the meat will be boiled rather than grilled. The key is to cook the outside quickly but cook the inside to your liking.
1. Take out the meat a couple of hours before, sprinkle with plenty of salt, and refrigerate again. The salt absorbs the moisture and seeps into the meat. Take it out 30 minutes before, apply enough olive oil, and keep it at room temperature. This is to keep the meat from being too cold.
2. Heat the pan sufficiently, then add enough olive oil. about three tablespoons. You can think of it as a feeling of being lightly fried to a crisp on the outside.
3. When the pan starts to smoke, add another tablespoon of olive oil. to lower the oil temperature. The point is to not smoke while the meat is being grilled. If there is smoke, the meat is burning.
4. There should be a sizzling sound when the meat is placed. If it doesn’t sizzle, the oil isn’t hot enough. The key is to put it in when it is hot enough and bake it like coating the outside.
5. Keep turning the meat over. It should be roasted over high heat until browned enough. Recall that Gordon Ramsay said, “no color no flavor”. Roasting garlic is also good. If you have thyme or rosemary, it is good to put it on top according to your taste.
6. The meat should be roasted to a dark brown color. This process is called “searing” and it is a common misconception that fast-baking locks in the juices. This is because the juices will escape during baking anyway, and grilling it like burning the outside is delicious that way. (This is called the Maillard reaction when it turns brown and becomes delicious. It is said that beef should only be turned once, but that only means not to overcook it. This does not apply to thick steaks. Thinly sliced ​​meat can be cooked to medium or well-done depending on the degree of grilling. You can fit it, but it’s difficult because chunks of steak have to be grilled to the optimum temperature at one time.)
7. When the outside is brown enough, it’s time to cook the inside. Add three or four pieces of butter and when the butter melts, tilt the pan slightly and pour the butter broth over the meat. This is to ensure that the heat from the outside is sufficiently transferred to the inside. This is also called basing or arrose. Arrogé means ‘wet’, and basing means ‘do not dry out’. Flip every 30 seconds to 2 minutes.
8. It depends on the thickness, but if it is about 3cm, it is enough to bake both sides twice for 2 minutes each (8 times for 8 minutes and 30 seconds each). If you have a thermometer, you can set it to the medium by taking it out when the inside temperature has risen to 55 degrees. Since the internal temperature continues to rise even after taking it out, it is better to take it out a little earlier in consideration of this. Timing is very important.
9. Take it out and wait. Because the temperature rises for a while after the fire is turned off, put a lid on or wrap it in foil and wait for 3 to 4 minutes. When you poke a thermometer and watch the temperature rise and start to fall, it’s time to cut the meat. It is said that during the resting stage, the juices in the meat find their place. So, resting is not cooling the meat, but waiting for the meat to settle. It is best to keep the temperature as high as possible so that the meat does not cool down.
10. While resting, put potatoes, onions, carrots, mushrooms, asparagus, and similar vegetables left in the refrigerator in the remaining olive oil in the pan and stir-fry. Vegetables served in this way are called garnishes.
11. When the meat temperature starts to drop, cut the meat. It is better to write thickly. If you slice it thinly, it cools quickly and loses its texture. Serving is also timing. Be sure to finish setting the table so that you can eat right away at the best moment.
To avoid failure, it is better to start at a sufficient temperature from the beginning (smoking in oil is a signal, and baking without smoke is the key.) Bake while turning over properly, but not too early or too late.

Rent an RV in the U.S.A. lasvegas

Rent an RV in the U.S.A.


Traveling by RV is a trend in the US these days. So let’s briefly explain how you can rent an RV. A license issued in the United States is not called for to lease a recreation automobile (RV). You simply require a certificate to drive in the US.

There are many Motor homes that can be driven with a non-commercial license, so you do not need to stress over licensing issues. If you are posting likely to rent out a Recreational Vehicle, you require to be really cautious. It’s like renting out a house, not simply a car, so it takes an hour of training.
In addition, various kitchenware, as well as bed linens, can be obtained together in a pack cage.
Whatever is directly associated with “money”. Even if you return the waste utilized in the bathroom, shower, and kitchen area without therapy, or if the inside of the automobile is not cleaned, you will need to spend for it.

If you run a generator to use electrical power, you likewise have to pay a per hour rate. Just because you leased an automobile doesn’t suggest that you can run for cost-free forever even if you pay an established rental fee, but you need to pay a specific quantity (concerning 30 cents) per  mile.

Insurance is usually consisted of in the lease when you rent it, yet it is called insurance deductible and you need to pay a minimum of $500.00.
Recreational Vehicle is a heavy as well as expensive automobile, so there are a lot of areas that can not be gotten to on freeways and also general roadways. You can not most likely to areas like Manhattan in New York City, for instance, as well as you can’t go to Death Valley in California throughout the summertime.

I do not know the exact number of people and the specifications you desire, however when it comes to a 22-foot Motor Home that can sleep regarding 4-6 individuals, you can think about $180.00 as the remaining rental cost leaving out fuel. Motor homes are quite heavy due to the fact that they resemble running houses. Fuel effectiveness is reduced as well as you can drive 5-10 miles/gallon.

There are several locations where you can rent an RV. It does not need to be the same where you rent it as well as where you return it, but if you do you will have to pay even more.
Just type “RV” right into the search bar and also you’ll see a great deal. You can see if there are a lot of appointments in countries besides the United States, in Japanese and Germany. Details quotes can be obtained by e-mail from the Recreational Vehicle firm.
You can’t invest the night with your RV 라스베가스 한인교회 parked anywhere, so when preparing your journey, you’ll require to figure out if camping areas are offered as well as decide your course.

The camping site is
You can make a reservation, and so on.

Have a good trip!!